Broken Garage Doors

General Repairs

Is your garage door making a noise that’s a little… different? Is it catching in one spot, or do the rails seem bent? Or – the dreaded scenario – will it simply not close or open, and your car is stuck inside? Sometimes being a homeowner can be a bit of a drag, especially when something as crucial a garage door suddenly stops working.

Garage doors can break down for a number of reasons. If you really think about it, garage doors themselves are quite heavy. Add to that all of the moving parts in a garage door system that lift and lower that heavy door, plus the years of daily use and abuse your garage door endures, and it’s not surprising that a part might break down here or there. Sure, it is a major inconvenience, but garage doors are completely repairable if you hire the right expert to find and solve the problem.


  • Replacement of overhead garage door extension or torsion coil springs
  • Repair of broken garage door cables
  • Repair of broken or bent rollers
  • Restoration of a bent, misaligned, or rusted track
  • Replacement of damaged garage door sections or panels
  • Overhaul of garage door hardware
  • Working to silence noisy garage doors
  • Addressing any issues with garage door opener

Doors Are Us is a trusted provider of general garage door repair services in the greater Detroit area. You can rest assured that all repairs are done by a certified technician, and no repair is complete without a free safety inspection to ensure that your garage door is long-lasting and functioning safely. Because Doors Are Us is committed not only to quality, but also to customer service, they offer 24/7 emergency service with appointment times morning, day, or night. We are the New Boston area garage door company you can trust for all of your garage door replacement and repair needs.

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